TalkCoast provides educational speakers for the higher education sector and professional organizations during their seminar series. Our goals are 1) inspire students/trainees to learn from qualified professionals and 2) empower professionals to present their work globally as they travel from coast to coast.


What we do

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 We inspire students by connecting professionals and educational experts to universities and institutions.


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We provide educational speakers the opportunity to give talks at seminars as they travel around the world.

Giving back to communities you visit

Are you passionate about education and would like to use your visit to another country or city to share your work with organizations in that city especially under-resourced institutions?

We connect professionals such as scientists, policymakers, lawyers and entrepreneurs to their next speaking engagement.

More Seminars: Higher Impact

Students learn from senior professionals enabling them to better understand their field of study, recognize deficit in the field and make sound career choices.

Also, TalkCoast motivates students to stay in school and graduate on time.

Open Access Seminars

We support millions of students worldwide in pursuing various disciplines. TalkCoast removes cost barriers associated with organizing seminars making it affordable.

TalkCoast makes research information open and accessible to students globally.

What do professionals say

Jorge Beira, Ph.D., Postdoctoral fellow, ETH, Zurich, Switzerland

TalkCoast is a promising new platform that makes it easier for scientists to connect – something that you’d think should already be available. It is a great way to match people who are already planning to travel with institutions where they can present their science. It’s win-win and in my experience it was wonderful to meet new people and learn about their interests too! I totally recommend TrickleS!

Melonie Walcott, DrPH, Assistant Professor, The Sage Colleges, New York, USA

I see TalkCoast as an opportunity to share my expertise and research with institutions and organizations  that I would not have had access to.  By scheduling a presentation while traveling for business or pleasure,  I can network with researchers in my field and explore future collaborations. In addition, as a scholar originally from the Caribbean (Jamaica), it is an excellent opportunity for me to reach out to my home institutions whenever I visit

Fanuel Muindi, Ph.D., Co-founder, Stem Advocacy Institute, Cambridge, USA

TalkCoast provides an access point for more science dissemination. The platform has a lot of potential and with continued development, it has a shot of having an impact in the scientific community and beyond. Look forward to watching it grow”.

Jelena Erceg, PhD, Postdoctoral fellow, Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA

'TalkCoast is an innovative and transformative platform that brings scientists together to share their research. It provides an excellent opportunity to combine your trip with giving a talk to the scientific community and networking. It also makes the search for that next speaker at your institute more effective. In my experience, I enjoyed interacting with people, hearing about their research, and exchanging ideas. I would highly recommend this platform, and am excited to follow its future developments.'