May 28, 2019
TrickleS at Boston Symposium on Careers and Collaborations in Science (B-SoCCS)

I will be presenting a talk on "Open Seminars" at the B-SoCCS on June 1, 2019 at the Broad Institute organized by the Boston Postdoctoral Association (BPDA). Come learn how we share our professional and research work globally. Learn more about B-SoCCS here


May 12, 2019
TrickleS presentation at the Boston Area Mitosis and Meiosis Meeting

Dr. Agbleke will be presenting on science communication at the 6th Annual Boston Area Mitosis and Meiosis Meeting at the Whitehead Institute in Cambridge on May 18, 2019. The title of the talk is "Open Science Seminars: Making seminars accessible to improve student learning".  For more information on the BAMM and how to register visit here.


March 3, 2019
TrickleS in the news

Kwasi Agbleke, founder of TrickleS was featured on the Harvard Personal Genetics Education blog. Read more about Kwasi's effort as the President of Sena Institute of Technology and the founder of TrickleS here.

February 13, 2019
TrickleS at Harvard Postdoc Science cafe

Kwasi Agbleke, founder of TrickleS, presented a talk on "Open access seminars: Is it a thing?" at the postdoctoral fellows science cafe in Cambridge. Kwasi described the platform, its functionalities and the merit for postdoctoral fellows to join in reaching more students in under-served colleges and helping to improve learning at these institutions.

Talk on Art and Entrepreneurship

Mirela Kulović will share the story of her journey from receiving an engineering degree in Split, Croatia to becoming an artist and an art entrepreneur. The talk and the follow-up discussion will touch on Mirela's artistic inspiration and work process, her project of founding Art Centar Gračanica in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the Bosnian contemporary art scene.

Ghana-Seminar on communication

A professor in communication, Simmons College, USA is available to talk in Ghana from September 20 - October 20. The title of his talk is "Visual communication development". If your department is looking for a speaker, contact Dr. Jackson.

Seminar on Art in USA and Europe

An associate professor in modern and contemporary Art at Florida Gulf Coast University is available to present her work in the USA and Europe. Her work is entitled "Artists' Games: Surrealist Collaborative Drawings". She will be in New York and Los Angeles in October, 2018. To learn more and invite her to talk at your institution, visit North America calendar

She will be in London  and Prague in March, 2019. To schedule a meeting with her, visit Europe calendar

Seminar on Cell Biology in Mexico City, Mexico

A postdoctoral fellow from MIT is visiting Mexico City, Mexico in November, 2018. Please, check the North American Calendar for more details. The title of the talk is "Imaging the Adaptive Response to Tumors". The talk falls under the department of Cell Biology, Immunology or Cancer Biology. To contact the speaker visit TrickleS.

First matching

We are happy to announce our first match between Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA and ETH, Zurich, Switzerland in July 2018.