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Do Professionals pay to use TrickleS?

No. Registration is free for all professionals. Sign up Here


I am visiting another city, how do I schedule a talk?

Use the scheduling form to submit your availability. Universities and institutions in the city will contact you directly through TrickleS.


Are my personal information protected?

Yes, your personal information is encrypted. Also, institutions contact you through TrickleS messaging system.


Can I rate or review my experience?

There is the option to rate your experience both as a professional and as an institution.


How do the professional benefits?

The professional now has the opportunity to get the exposure needed for her career. Share her work with institutions and consolidate her speaking engagements. She can request an audience rating as well.



Do Institutions pay to use TrickleS?

Yes. However, for a limited time institutions can register on TrickleS for a promotional period of three months free. Sign up Here


How can a professional visit my school?

Your department program coordinator or faculty can register as an institution and schedule a seminar. Professionals living or visiting the city can request to present at the seminar based on their availability.


Does the institution pay for the visit?

The department does not pay for the professional’s travel or accommodation.


How do institutions save money?

Institutions can find speakers already in their cities with no cost associated with travels and accommodation. Also, institutions can share the cost of inviting a speaker.


Can institutions compensate the Speaker?

Yes, the institution can pay or give a honorarium to the speaker through TrickleS.