Supporting Students

Our vision is "To give every student in the world an opportunity to be inspired".

Students need help to navigate the workload, course structure and expectations from their respective disciplines. Inadequate support result in a high dropout rate among college and graduate students. According to the USA National Center for Education Statistics only 31% of students graduate within 3 years in a 2-year institution and 60% of students graduate in a 4-year academic institution.

Student under-performance affect their career options in future. Universities organize seminars that improve student learning and retention. Seminars have been a part of education since it helps students to understand the deficit in knowledge and broaden their understanding in the field. Seminars also enables student to persist and continue with their academic studies despite the numerous challenges and uncertainties.

Impact of seminars to college student learning:

Effective communication, Community participation, Improves social integration, Critical thinking and Intellectual flexibility.

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