Give every student in the world an opportunity to be inspired.



Empower institutions to provide accessible quality education to all students.


Where are we?

Professionals all over the world use TrickleS to reach students during their travels.



Kwasi Agbleke, Ph.D.
Founder and CEO, Talkcoast
Postdoctoral fellow,
Harvard University

About the founder

I did my undergraduate training in Ghana, doctoral degree in Alabama, USA and postdoctoral training in Boston, USA. During the course of my education I have seen a global effort to make quality education accessible. For instance there is a drive towards making journal publications free and open-access to every student and faculty in the world. However, one area that is still under-developed is affordable access to quality professional seminars for students in colleges and universities.

Through this platform I hope we can all make a difference in bridging the educational gap across the globe. Colleges, universities and institutions of higher learning can now recruit professionals and academics to their institutions at a fraction of the cost. This to me is a step that empower institutions in under-served minorities, less endowed institutions and institutions in developing countries to organize regular seminars for their students.